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how To do (hTd)
how To do (hTd)
Welcome to the Paradigm Manufacturing website where you will find how To do (hTd) information on a growing number of custom projects.  The Paradigm Manufacturing team selects a project that may be of interest to others, then designs, builds, and documents a prototype.   The resulting plans or DVD is then offered to the public.
The goal is to offer enough information (including materials , tools, and processes)  for the customer to build the project themselves.  The value to the customer is ownership of a custom product (that might not be even available publically), significant cost savings (through sweat equity), and of course pride (bragging rights) that their project was scratch built by themselves.
We plan to add projects on a regular basis which will vary in size and complexity but always be of value to our customers.  If you have projects or ideas of things you think we should we should consider, let us know.  Check out the project section to see if there is anything that interests you.  

Gary Lee